Introducing... OVERPRICED JPEGs

The Newest Bankless Show on All Things Metaversal

Bankless is proud to announce….


with Carly Reilly, the newest Bankless Show on all things Metaversal!

Episode 1 dropping tomorrow, November 12th!


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What’s Overpriced JPEGs?

Most people think they’re bad art and everyone else can’t stop talking, thinking, and buying them. They’re non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and they’re taking over your Twitter feed. The crypto space is moving too fast to keep track of everything that’s happening, but Carly Reilly has you covered. As Andrew Yang’s former finance director, Carly presents the Overpriced JPEGs podcast from the Bankless Network.

This is the best way to get the latest NFT and Metaverse news and interviews with the people shaping our future, so you can decide for yourself if these are just overpriced JPEGs or technology that will change the world.


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