AI Music. Gamers do Dookey. And an NFT-backed Film Wins a Sundance Award.

January 2023

Porsche Hits the Brakes. KRO Drained. And Doodles are Tweeting Again.

December 2022

OPJ gin - now minting
Music NFTs Hit a High Note. SBF Arrested. And Another Yuga Lawsuit.
One-click Crypto Buying. Marketplace Moves. And the 30% Innovation Tax.

November 2022

Gensler v. ApeCoin. Hello, Miami. And Yes, You're Being Tracked.
Macy's & Mattel go all in. El Salvador buys the Dip.
SBF’d. Wagmi-san to the Otherside. And a Web3 World Cup.
👋🏽 Hello everyone, gm gm, WELCOME BACK to another edition of the Overpriced JPEGs newsletter, where we’re catching you up to speed on the world of…
Hello everyone, gm, gm, WELCOME to the first edition of the Overpriced JPEGs newsletter. We’ve been breaking down the new economy within the world of…

September 2022

5th Week of September
A hybrid documentary and fictional film